Consultancy Services

Your people may not be achieving to the levels you expect, or you may simply want to prepare them for challenges and changes that lie ahead. You realise this could require a wholesale change in your team members’ behaviour, or maybe just refine how they currently do things.

How do you know where to apply your budget? Which teams or individuals should you train first? And what training do they need? And above all else, how do you know it will be effective?

Solution Cell’s team of experienced learning and development consultants have helped some of the world’s leading organisations to maximise their learning and development budgets, by providing bespoke consultancy services.

We believe actions speak louder than words. That’s why our team are not tied to any assessment modules or methodologies, so we can help you to identify quickly and effectively where the challenges lie, before designing and delivering a bespoke, workable and relevant solution.

Typical outputs from our consultancy services could include:

  • Identifying what good looks like for your business through:
    • Detailed needs analysis
    • Development Centres
    • Competency based assessment
    • Team audit
    • Helping you identify, set and agree clearly defined measurable outputs and objectives
    • Helping you make the most of your budget by identifying where you will get the best return
    • Assessing your teams against clearly agreed benchmarks
    • Advising you on how to communicate, launch, deliver and embed learning to ensure long-term consistent use
    • How to minimise the resistance from, and make the most of, changes within your organisation

Trusted experience

Our consultants are drawn from a wide range of industries and commercial backgrounds. Each, a specialist in their field, brings expertise and a first-hand knowledge to each project; an integrity that works for you to help you identify the optimum solution.

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