Customer Excellence

Who delivers customer excellence for your business?

If you undertook a straw poll and asked your own staff this question, you might find the common consensus was that you had a ‘customer service team’ that looked after your customers. In some ways they would be right, but in reality if you consider who actually interacts with your customers on a day-to-day basis the answer is a much wider audience. Of course, customers include internal colleagues and other parts of your business.

Solution Cell helps our customers (we call them clients) develop the skills, attitude and culture to create world class service excellence.

This could include working with internal operations teams, helpdesks, customer service teams, and their managers, but often it includes working with a much broader audience who come into contact with your customers.

Outputs from our customer excellence programmes could include:

  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Less friction and more harmony between internal departments
  • Reduced need for management intervention on issues, as your people take more ownership of the customer contact
  • Improvement in results from customer service surveys
  • Improvement to bottom line margins (attracting new customers is significantly more costly than keeping your current ones)
  • Increased employee morale, through improved internal communication and conflict reduction
  • Increased sales, as your teams develop closer stronger relationships with their customers

It might not just be skills

Customer excellence may need more than skills, as attitude and behaviour have their part to play. That’s why we’re always keen to see and hear how they impact on your service, so that with we can suggest ways in which they can be improved to support your training.

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